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“The teacher’s comments are always so detailed. I can see that Leon likes to chat with the teacher. He is very relaxed in his teacher’s class. Even if there are mistakes in grammar, he can confidently communicate with his teacher. Thank you for your kindness and encouragement. I told him the teacher’s evaluation of him, and he was very happy.” – Helen in Yonezawa

“I have had 74 classes with the teacher, and each class is a boutique. From the beginning to now, the teacher is full of enthusiasm, seriously responsible for every class and giving feedback to parents every time. We are really moved by the teacher’s efforts. Regular weekly meetings with teachers have become a part of children’s lives. In children’s hearts, you are not just a teacher. He has introduced you to our family for a long time. His grandparents, cousins and cousins all know teacher Joel. He has even thought that we must have a special class with you on New year’s Eve when we return home this year, He said he would let you know everyone in our family and would hold the iPad outside to let you watch fireworks with us… But now I don’t know if there is still a chance. He is very sad… I told him I can keep in touch with you by email. I don’t know if I can make another appointment with the teacher’s class for the rest of the time. I wish the teacher and his family all the best! Happy everyday!” – Leo in Zhengzhou

“Thanks to the teacher’s detailed classroom feedback, this class has gained a lot. The teacher is very patient to guide the child, inspire the child, and even accompany him to create crazy imagination. The teacher’s class is very difficult to make an appointment, and there is no priority to make an appointment, so I’m lucky to make an appointment with the teacher’s class at the right time.” – Jay in Dalian

“We have been paying attention to teacher Joel for a long time (the children are very interested in the plush toys in the teacher’s photos). We haven’t had the opportunity to have class with the teacher before. Today, we are very happy to have our first class with the teacher. Because the child’s main teaching language and environment is French, although we live in Germany, his German may not be as good as English. When he goes out, he will learn from his parents and try to communicate in English, so that’s why he is very motivated to learn English. After a class, we feel that the teacher’s teaching method is vivid and the atmosphere is active, which drives the children to actively participate and interact, and corrects the pronunciation seriously. Our child is more outgoing, so the teacher’s classroom atmosphere is also very suitable for him. I hope I can continue my class with the teacher next time.” – Andre in Berlin

“Among the many online teachers, Joel is the most patient. When the children show bad emotions, or focus on painting, or distracted, Joel can listen and guide patiently. He never scolds or shows any impatience. He is tolerant and understanding of the children, which makes us feel very valuable.” – Summer in Shanghai

“The child had a teacher Joel’s class, and just after class, he said, “Mom, I like this teacher so much. It’s so interesting. I have to have his class.”I hope I can make an appointment with you. It’s great!” – Yomo in Tokyo